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The question is why do I write? 

Why a series and not a single novel? Why a fantasy? I think there are a lot of ‘whys’ in my life, let alone a writer’s life. They then turn into who, what, when, where, how…

I can pinpoint exactly where my first desire and absolute impetus to write started. No, it wasn’t Harry Potter. My first book is the beginning of a Fantasy Series for Young Adults and was triggered by a philosophical debate with my kids, which came full circle to me; about life, death, universe, God, the devil, redemption, enlightenment.

Once that happened, writing became an imperative. I needed to answer the questions, all the circular debates, of ghosts, of death and rebirth. I couldn’t accept the arguments that there was no model of the universe that would allow me to see past the barrier of death, that could be consistent with the universe as it is, imperfect, and the symmetry and eloquence that is implied by the presence of a God, let alone many.

The whole series is taking time. I have completed two books so far and am currently working on the third.

After making The Changeling a commercial success, I was allowed to join the Society of Authors and became a member of the Writers in Oxford. In parallel, I became a selling artist, and of late I joined a group of writers who also are painters. We are called the LiterArties.

When push comes to shove, the animal inside awakes…

The Changeling begins the Saga with Peter Badger who is trying to find out why his dad had disappeared. The accompanying visions of demons guarding an old man he thinks is his grandfather, he dismisses as fervent dreams. Waking up in a world where he transforms into the animal he always thought he was, more proof he’s hit his head on something hard.

But then, the change is taking too long, the place feels a little too solid, the plight of children being forced into mining by a ruthless race, the Rummani, who are looking for the power of the Shankar Stones is too real. Why shouldn’t he and his Changeling friends use their gifts to come to the rescue?

Somewhere along the way, Peter stumbles over a clue to why his father disappeared. Could that clue mean, that he was still alive?

The Changeling is available on Amazon UK or directly from the author here.

Kindle Edition: £1.99
Paperback (signed copy): £5.00
Hardcover (signed copy): £POA

'What do you mean a single soul can destroy the universe?' The Clan leader was serious.

Peter Badger and Michelle Hawk cling to the hope that their other Changeling friend, Paul Otter, is still alive and has found one of their missing parents. They re-enter the world in which the Rumanni are struggling with the Clan for dominance; the Rumanni might against the Clan's enlightened spiritualism.

The Rumanni King however hates the Changelings and is hunting them down. He wants their power, for he believes that somewhere in it lies the solution to his longing for eternal life. To make matters worse, the land becomes a perilous place when the sun goes down as the night creatures and the Rakshas, the demons, come out to feed.

The Changelings' attempted rescue of their captive parent is a disaster. It acts as a catalyst which transforms the Changeling parent's soul into a nemesis that could destroy the whole of existence. Unwilling to accept their failure, headstrong Michelle goes in search of the Gate to the very Realm of the Dead, to save the soul of the missing parent. Peter and Paul follow, knowing that all three must stay together to have a chance of succeeding.

In the Realm, terrible in its simple imperative, the ruler of the Dead is their absolute enemy. Surely the Changelings' task to find one soul amongst the untold trillions is impossible?

The Eternal Well is available on Amazon UK or directly from the author here.

Kindle Edition: £4.00

I have always been interested in the mad world of adults

…where rational decisions often seemed to be made irrationally, or at least so it seemed to me as a child. This curiosity turned into more than an interest when I not only noticed that most adults behaved this way, but I did too.

It was a desire to escape from my pre-ordained destiny that set me on the path to search for something that works in helping me avoid it. On a personal level, I don’t wish to lie on a psychologist’s couch and have the ‘techniques’ applied to me when if ‘one can be truly honest with oneself’, you will find the gifts within that truth and honesty all by yourself.

This I can do. Anyway, that works for me.

So, what I developed as a set of personal conceptual tools and how I’ve thought about it, I put down here. This has been my means to reaching a clear understanding about myself and for myself.

In reaching this point, I have often found myself in a particular situation. I have often noticed that in wanting to be understood, most people, including me, have often ended up in more fights and arguments than would ever have happened had I simply put my opinion forward and let it go at that. It would have saved me a great deal of time and effort. This saved time, to me, is the essential ingredient for allowing me to get on with all the other things I’m trying to do in this very short life.

I hope you find it useful, I hope it works for you and helps you find some of the answers too, and if nothing else, that it was a good and entertaining read. After all, the hard work is being done by you for you. I have very rarely found that someone who truly wants to help themselves in their heart of hearts, soul of souls, cannot be helped by themselves.  Trust me, they can, do, and will help themselves.

How to find your Inner Demons, Destroy them and Set Your Self Free will be available on Amazon UK shortly or is directly available as a paperback from the author here.

Kindle Edition: £3.99

Paperback (signed copy): £5.99

Books to come

The next four books of the Changeling Saga are continuing the journey, pitting our heroes and heroine against the Eternal Rakshas and the order of the universe, culminating in the new order.

In addition, I am writing a comedy called ‘Donkey’ about an Indian boy whose parents are trying to marry him off to an opulent wealthy girl. What could possibly be funny or wrong in that? It seems to be writing itself and is quite close to being finished.

I also have plans for several detective stories and a kid’s series. I am trying to finish all of these in between the day job.

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